Get Involved

Support Legislation
In a democracy, advocacy matters. Elected officials listen to their constituents and care about their priorities – especially when citizens come out in large numbers advocating for a particular issue, program or principle. Fighting to restore the American Dream to more Americans, particularly our young people, and expanding economic mobility and well-being to more communities are worthy objectives that have garnered enthusiastic bi-partisan support. We are hopeful your elected officials will support your efforts and want to join Opportunity Nation’s work.

Take Action in Your Community
Opportunity Nation is committed to taking local action to expand opportunity across the country. In order to achieve this goal, we need the support of local leaders like you to engage citizens in our shared plan to increase social mobility in America.

Spread the Word on Social Media
Social media allows each of us to amplify issues and actions that we want to see taken by our leaders.  The more voices that express their support for expanding opportunity in America, the more progress we will make.  Add your voice to the debate.

Join the Coalition
Opportunity Nation welcomes new organizations to our coalition that are working to generate opportunity at the national, state or local level, especially across the key areas of education, jobs and training, and strong, healthy communities.

Donate Today
Opportunity Nation seeks various types of support and partnership from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Opportunity Nation is interested in advancing its work through partnerships, financial and in-kind contributions, volunteer engagement, and stakeholder outreach.