Dysart Community Center

Dysart Community Center was established in 1962 by a group of twelve determined volunteers to provide primary health and educational resources for local families struggling on the verge of poverty.  The initial work of these founding members centered on providing basic medical services including a mobile health unit and dental clinic for rural workers and their families.  Education was also a first priority for these volunteers, with the introduction of literacy training for adult learners eager to improve their lives and build self-sufficiency through English language instruction.

Serving West Valley families for three generations.
From its founding nearly fifty years ago, Dysart Community Center has expanded its services to provide a variety of educational, developmental and recreational programs for thousands of West Valley children and adults.  All with a goal of helping to enhance and improve the lives of local community members.  Today, the original focus on providing educational opportunities and building strong families remains the guiding principle behind the community services they provide.

An evolving program of community services.
As the West Valley communities have expanded and matured over the past five decades, the long-term commitment of the Center has remained constant.  While their human services programs have continually evolved to address the challenges of new priorities, their mission of support to local families in need is unchanged.  Much has been accomplished, with so much more they can do.  They look forward to participating in a brighter future for the many West Valley families they serve with the continued support of their dedicated volunteers, skilled staff and financial contributions from friends and neighbors.

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