Future Civic Leaders

Future Civic Leaders is an organization founded to empower high school students like you to take part in the civic and political processes to improve your community. With Future Civic Leaders, you can run simulated congressional campaigns, debate current issues and get advice from real politicians! They provide you with political leadership experience, cash scholarships and connect you with political internship opportunities.

They offer you an opportunity to debate, work together and make change regarding civic issues affecting you and your surrounding communities. Additionally, if you are a member of an under-served community, you can attend their annual Summer Leadership Conference and spend four days running your own campaign while learning from real political operatives!

Only 17% of young people would consider running for political office, according to a Harvard University poll. Future Civic Leaders is here to help you grow as a leader by offering tools, advice and encouragement through programs such as our annual Summer Leadership Conference and high school clubs!

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