Donovan Hicks

Donovan is a native of South Carolina and a Phi-Beta Kappa graduate of Wofford College. He has been recognized as Gates Millennium, Bonner, Truman, and Mitchell Scholar. He is currently working at Deloitte Federal Consulting, and will attend Trinity College Dublin next Fall for a Master of Philosophy degree in Race, Ethnicity, and Conflict.

Posts by Donovan Hicks

The Power of Commonality

Let’s be honest. Bipartisanship sounds good, but it is not popularly practiced. Why is that? From my vantage point, it is all based on the notion that party...

Kemp Leadership Award Dinner: A night of adventure

The Jack Kemp Leadership Award is presented by the Jack Kemp Foundation to people who show exceptional leadership in public policy or private enterprise. Each year, the Foundation...

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