Harnessing data to tell your story

Andres Kragelund   •  
In the age of “big data” everyone seems to be swimming in information. But how can organizations and leaders use the best research and statistics out there to drive social transformation and advance their mission?

Progress on the reauthorization of major education law

Melanie Anderson   •  
Education has long been one of the most powerful paths to economic mobility in the United States. And in today’s increasingly competitive environment, access to high-quality schools and the opportunities they can provide is a fundamental civil rights issue as well.

Russell Krumnow quoted in CQ Researcher Report, Millennial Generation

CQ Press   •  
Our own Russell Krumnow was quoted in a report titled “Millennial Generation” by Alan Greenblatt. The report, which is featured on CQ Researcher, talks about the role Millennials will play in shaping the future despite the hardships they’ve encountered, such as student loans and entering the job marketing in the 2007-09 recession.

The Power of Connection

Marvin Mathew   •  
The National Opportunity Summit is not designed to be a single moment in time, but instead a catalyzing experience that fuels a national opportunity movement. Yet, this dream cannot be realized if we refuse to tap into the incredible talent of our network gifted us - the people around us.

The Power of Twitter Collaboration

Paul Kendrick   •  
Opportunity Leaders, Young Invincibles and partners of the Opportunity Nation Coalition had an outstanding Twitter chat last week on creating more career opportunities for young people.

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