Horowitz: Doing Good Creates Opportunities to Do Well

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A recent report by the organization Opportunity Nation argues that beyond the intrinsic value of connecting a new generation to the rights and responsibilities of self-government, youth engagement in activities and public affairs provides more opportunity and boosts the prospect of success.

The American Dream Starts in Your County

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AMERICA FANCIES itself the “land of opportunity,” one of the key ways we define ourselves as a nation. Politicians of all stripes like to wax poetic about how their parents came to US shores with next to nothing, and now look — their kid might soon be running the country! Usually these heartwarming tales conclude with the line: “Only in America.” Anecdotes notwithstanding, however, how good are we really at giving everyone a chance to be a success?

OPINION: Volunteer

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Volunteering can boost a young person’s chance of landing a job, cutting the likelihood of being out of school and out of a job in half.

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