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Opportunity Rising: Reconnecting Our Youth to the American Economy

Clinton Foundation   •  
Across the United States, high school graduation rates are rising, more young people are going to college, and the national unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest point in four years. According to the 2014 Opportunity Index the potential for opportunity in America has grown 6.3 percent since 2011.

Why Are Political Scientists Studying Ice Bucket Challenges?

National Journal   •  
Russell Krumnow, managing director of the economic equity coalition Opportunity Nation, thinks young peoples’ online activity will open new doors for political engagement that don’t conform to the old norms. “It’s shifting. It’s hashtag-activism. That translates into action,” he says.

Commentary: Building Better Opportunities for the Workforce

The Palm Beach Post   •  
Today, the ranks of those facing financial strain is on the rise. Opportunity Nation’s 2013 Opportunity Index found that 49 states saw an increase in the percentage of their population living below the federal poverty line, while 45 reported a drop in median household income.

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