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Online Tool for the Opportunity Youth Movement

Alison Beth Waldman   •  
SparkAction manages ALL IN for YOUth, a central networked platform for the opportunity youth movement. This platform serves as the online hub and primary online communications vehicle to promote the activities and impact of organizations focused on opportunity youth, carrying on the legacy of the White House Council for Community Solutions which did much to elevate the profile of disconnected youth.

The Opportunity Picture: Community Health

Opportunity Nation   •  
Without a safe neighborhood and access to healthy food, it is extremely difficult for people to thrive. The ability to take advantage of educational and career opportunities is often eclipsed when families are struggling just to stay safe and nourished – basic human needs that must be met.

Tax Season is Crucial for Promoting Economic Opportunity

Jackie Lynn Coleman   •  
When most people think of taxes, they typically don’t connect them with the idea of “economic opportunity.” But the truth is, tax time is a crucial moment for many American families that are able to take advantage of refundable tax credits for which they may qualify.

The Opportunity Picture: Resources

Opportunity Nation   •  
When you’re spending more than 30 percent of your income on rent, don’t have access to savings accounts, and need to take public transportation to get to a computer, many necessities of modern life seem beyond reach.

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