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Judy’s Notebook: Opportunity Nation

PBS NewsHour   •  
If you're down in the dumps and in need of something to lift your spirits, tune in to the work being highlighted this week at the Opportunity Nation Summit. The word "opportunity" has been used and abused for as long as I can remember, but in this case it rings true.

Enterprising Pathways to the Middle Class

A new report released this week found that 29 million jobs in the United States -- nearly half of all jobs that pay middle class wages -- now require more than a high school diploma but less than a Bachelor's degree. And by 2018, nearly 63 percent of America's jobs will require a postsecondary certificate or degree.

The American Dream Needs a Jumpstart

The Huffington Post   •  
This September, Opportunity Nation will host its second national Summit to shine a spotlight on one of the earliest and most critical rungs on the ladder of opportunity: ensuring that the rising generation is equipped with the skills needed to compete in the current and future economies.

What Do Marco Rubio and Deval Patrick Agree On?

Bloomberg Businessweek   •  
Next week in Washington, Rubio and Patrick are scheduled to share the headliner role at a conference sponsored by Opportunity Nation, a new organization whose guiding principle is that “the Zip Code you’re born into shouldn’t determine your destiny.”

Danny Scalise to Serve as Advisor for Opportunity Nation, a National Campaign to Increase Economic Opportunity and Social Mobility in America

West Virginia Executive   •  
Danny Scalise, Executive Director of Capital Resource Agency, has been chosen to serve as a one of 130+ national leaders from 42 states and the District of Columbia for Opportunity Nation, a national campaign launching in November that will work to restore access to the American Dream by increasing economic opportunity and social mobility in America.

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