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Elected officials need to know what their constituents think. Given the surge of energy and attention opportunity and economic mobility is receiving, this is an exciting moment to advocate and engage local, state and federal elected officials around the Opportunity Index.

Share the Opportunity Index with your local, state and congressional representatives so they can use this data tool to #ExpandOpportunity in your communities. And don’t stop with just your state and federal elected officials! It’s important to reach out to your mayor and city council members as well.

Tweet at your elected officials to introduce them to the Opportunity Index and show them how it measures your state ranking on the Opportunity Index and your county Opportunity Grade A-F. Let’s encourage our elected officials to #ExpandOpportunity!

As you can see below, this is a simple yet effective way to reach your elected officials:

Sample Tweet
 Below are sample tweets, Facebook and Linkedin posts that you can easily customize and share with your networks. We encourage you to share the #OppIndex with your local elected officials and include one of our 50 state (and Washington DC!) infographics that can be added to your social media posts.



.[OFFICIAL] check out the #OppIndex to see how #opportunity stacks up in our community.  #ExpandOpportunity

.[OFFICIAL] #OppIndex data shows how our area stacks up for #opportunity. Let’s use data to #ExpandOpportunity

.[OFFICIAL] how can we #ExpandOpportunity for all? Using the #OppIndex to see how our community stacks up in #opportunity is a good start!

.[OFFICIAL] we must work together to #ExpandOpportunity. #OppIndex’s data shows our strengths + areas for improvement

.[OFFICIAL] Expanding Opportunity = no. 1 issue of our time. Explore the #OppIndex

.[OFFICIAL] we MUST #ExpandOpportunity to restore the #AmericanDream, #OppIndex’s data shows how our state fares

.[OFFICIAL] our state must take steps to #ExpandOpportunity. See the #OppIndex to see how we fare in #opportunity

Facebook and Linkedin

[TAG ELECTED OFFICIALS] Curious how our state/county stacks up in access to opportunity? The Opportunity Index produces Opportunity Grades to show how our county fares in opportunity. Having good data is a great step on the path to #ExpandOpportunity for all.

[TAG ELECTED OFFICIALS] How can we #ExpandOpportunity for all? Good data is a great start! The Opportunity Index shows how our community fares in opportunity. For 5 years of data on opportunity in your county + state, see the OppIndex:


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