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by Mark Edwards   •  

In the last Congress, just 11 percent of bills made it through committee and only 3 percent made it to the floor, an indication of just how difficult it is to get things done in the current political environment.

But we are making progress toward a goal we all share: expanding opportunity to more Americans, particularly our young people. At this time of intense partisanship, it is more important than ever to highlight moments of cooperation and success.

That’s why we are inviting you to join us in celebrating good news about the American Dream Accounts Act, a bipartisan bill that was reintroduced this year by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Senator Chris Coons (D-DE). This bill, which aligns with our Shared Plan, would provide targeted support and college savings accounts for low-income students.

Thanks to the support of our 250 coalition members and 160 Opportunity Leaders and Scholars – and the momentum generated by our first Hill Day on June 12 – the Senate included the American Dream Account in its bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform bill.  The bill passed on June 27th with the support of both Democrats and Republicans.

This is a major accomplishment we can all share. Our work together is making a difference.

We hope you are as proud of this accomplishment as we are, and will join us in sharing it with your friends and colleagues.  After all, it’s one we created together.

Want more information about the importance of college savings? Check out this resource from coalition partner CFED.

Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards is the founder and co-chair of Opportunity Nation. Read Mark's bio.

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