Connecting the Dots

by Sarah Rubenstein   •  

Within the last year, I can honestly say I have been struck with a bolt of opportunity. Every time I am asked to do something, notified for a volunteer position, or just being myself with my friends: opportunity has helped me realize that everything happens for a reason. I have been able to process my encounters and have become a source of opportunity for the people that I face everyday.

I had never been exposed to the non-profit atmosphere until I walked into the office of Be the Change, Inc. Thanks to a close friend who recommended me for this opportunity (there it is again), I was taken out of my art school world and placed in a environment filled with passion for social change, research, and campaigning for national support. I did not know how much I would enjoy it, until I gave it a try. Creating in-house designs, and crafting the perfect email are a few things I came into this position knowing how to do, but I can now add social networking, editorial blogging, and extensive researching to my list of achievements.

Connecting the dots is something your can only do from present to past. It’s the ‘ah HA!’ moment you have when you realize ‘that’s why I did that.’ I think back on why I was asked to do “cold calling” to companies for a job fair, write reviews on celebrities who support the mission of Opportunity Nation, and even volunteering for a service project on 9/11 Day. It all makes sense to me now. This line of dots that has been connected will follow me for the rest of my life. My advice to get your line of dots to connect: take advantage of opportunities that come up in your community, at your school, with your family, anywhere.

My experience as an intern at Be the Change, Inc. has been a very successful one. This was one of the most rewarding experiences a growing college student could ask for! If you are looking for your next opportunity, keep in touch with Be the Change, Inc. through their campaign websites and social networks: ServiceNation & OpportunityNation. You can also follow me on twitter @sarahrubs.

Sarah Rubenstein

Communications Cross-Campaign Intern, Opportunity Nation

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