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A Deeper Look at the Opportunity Index

by Mark Edwards   •  

This summer, we’re excited to feature our Opportunity Index in greater depth. As you may know, the Opportunity Index aggregates data from 16 different indicators–from assets to preschool, from Internet access to food access, from youth disconnection to volunteerism–to create a picture of opportunity in 2,900 counties and all 50 states.

Each individual indicator has a compelling story to tell. For every indicator on the Index, there are dozens of partner organizations on our Leadership Council or in our Coalition working to improve the lives of millions of Americans. There are also  dozens of Opportunity Leaders and Scholars, who live their own opportunity narratives as they share their stories of success and lead their communities to a brighter future. And even the simple facts related to these indicators tell stories. For example: in Manhattan, there are 6.7 banks for every 10,000 residents, and in Brooklyn there are only 1.4. In that fact, a story about assets gets told. 

That’s why we’re taking the 16 weeks before the release of our 2013 Opportunity Index to focus on each indicator, bringing forward stories about our Coalition, Opportunity Leaders and Scholars, and other facts on why opportunity matters and what is working. We hope you’ll join us and please let us know about the work you are doing!

Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards is the founder and co-chair of Opportunity Nation. Read Mark's bio.

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