“We Don’t Have To Run Scared”

by Rohit Bhargava   •  

During one of the remarks this morning as the Opportunity Nation Summit kicked off, Fareed Zakaria the TIME magazine Editor-at-Large and Host of his own CNN program spoke about the importance of focusing on education in an unexpected way … with a story of Steve Jobs. Though his rants about the limitations of his college experience and his dropping out early are part of his legend — high school was quite a different story. Steve was a product of public education, and while at Homestead High School he had the chance to enroll in science and liberal arts programs that shaped his lifelong philosophies and thinking. During the time when he went to high school in California, our country had one of the best public school systems in the world.

Today, as Zakaria shares, California spends more on prisons than they do on public education. His point – worth remembering was that we have been there before and we can get back. As he shared in his closing remarks:

“We know what it takes to fix this problem. We don’t need to run scared, but we do need to run fast.”

Rohit Bhargava

SVP, Ogilvy & Professor of Global Marketing at Georgetown University

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