Educational Advancement is Vital to Workforce Enhancement

by Christina E. Hardman   •  

Opportunity Nation is proud of its diverse, multi-sector coalition, which is committed to expanding opportunity and economic mobility for all Americans. In the weeks and months ahead, our coalition partner organizations, individuals committed to this effort, and citizens of all stripes will be featured here on our blog. They will showcase the impact they make every day in our communities, continue a dialogue about access to the American Dream, and highlight why they are a part of this campaign. Below you can learn more about the work of our partner, The Council for Adult & Experiential Learning, which helps adults obtain upward mobility through education that strengthens the workforce and, in turn, the economy.

The Council for Adult & Experiential Learning (CAEL) is a national, non-profit organization that strives to provide meaningful learning, credentials and work for every adult by linking learning with work.  Headquartered in Chicago with offices in Philadelphia, Denver and New York, CAEL has been promoting educational change nationally for over thirty five years.  CAEL successfully advocates and innovates on behalf of adult learners, increasing access to education and economic security by providing them with career guidance and helping them to earn college credit for what they already know. For higher education institutions, CAEL continues to develop the tools needed to attract, retain and graduate more adult students.

Educational advancement is also vital to workforce enhancement.  CAEL has assisted numerous employers, such as Starbucks and Verizon Wireless, develop smart strategies for employee development and build the workforce organizations’ capacity to connect worker skills to employer demands.  With these tools in mind, CAEL recognizes and appreciates the urgency of Opportunity Nation’s mission. The need to recognize opportunity and enact policy which reflects the expansion of this opportunity to underserved demographics is critical to the future of our country. CAEL is honored to be a part of the Opportunity Nation coalition. Learn more about our successes and efforts at  and You can also follow us on news and!/search/CAEL.

Christina E. Hardman

Program Coordinator, CAEL

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