ERS Joins Opportunity Nation Campaign Today

by Justin Burniske   •  

ERS Executive Director Karen Hawley Miles joins the Opportunity Nation Campaign today in NYC. ERS is a supporter of Opportunity Nation, a broad-based, cross-partisan coalition of nearly 200 public, private, non-profit, civilian and military organizations working together to create and advocate for an agenda that provides better skills, quality jobs and stronger communities to all Americans.  “It’s exciting to be a part of a bold campaign that’s forcing attention on the urgent needs throughout the country to secure more opportunity for more people,” says Miles. “Effective education for every student is a crucial step to improving opportunities. At ERS, our mission is to help districts do more with the resources they have. Opportunity Nation will ensure districts get what they need to succeed.”

“At a time when many Americans are worried about how they’re going to pay next month’s bills, Washington is stuck in political gridlock that is doing nothing to relieve these fears,” said Kevin Jennings, CEO of Be the Change, Inc., the parent organization behind Opportunity Nation.  “Today we start a dialogue to change all of that.  Next year is going to be a time when the nation takes a long, hard look at itself and asks what kind of future we want for our country. Opportunity Nation has a plan for ensuring that every American has access to the American Dream now and into the future, and we’re going to be asking every elected official and candidate for office, What’s Your Plan for Restoring Opportunity to Americans?”

Over the coming months, Opportunity Nation will leverage the collective support from its cross-partisan coalition and work to engage elected officials at all levels of government, as well as the candidates running for president in 2012.

Check out their “Opportunity Index” and see how states in the nation rank based on their economic, education and community resources. Also, you can watch the Summit stream live online, which you can see below.


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