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Gateway to College National Network, A Model In Changing Lives And Empowering Young People

by Bernadette DeVito   •  

Opportunity Nation is proud to work with coalition partners like Gateway to College National Network, a leading model changing lives and empowering young people all over the country. They make sure young adults have personalized support to make a plan and accomplish their educational goals.

Young high school dropouts are often overlooked or written off as lost causes or failures. At Gateway to College, we hold a radically different view—we believe that these young people have enormous potential and deserve another chance to reengage with their education.

In fact, we have so much belief in them that we enroll them directly in college. And, after only one term of developmental education classes, most Gateway to College students begin taking regular college-level courses that count for both high school and college credit. The journey from high school dropout to successful college student is not without its challenges, but young people across the country are making it happen.

Holistic student support is a key element of the Gateway to College model. Students are enrolled in learning communities and assigned to a resource specialist who provides personalized support and guidance throughout their time in the program. These supportive relationships are critical, as our students and alumni continually remind us.

“The resource specialists and other staff encouraged me and saw something in me that I did not yet see in myself. For the respect and love the Gateway family has shown me, I am forever grateful.” – Rayonna

“The resource specialists actually care about us. They push us and remind us we are worthy. I am motivated to prove them right.” – Conzuelo

“Having this much individual attention and information about resources as well as having the opportunity to earn dual credit has helped keep me motivated.” – Anthony

“My resource specialist listens to me, teaches me how to build relationships, and gives me so much emotional support. She is like a friend.” – Chrissnah

Being connected with an adult who acts as mentor, cheerleader, advisor, and conduit to other supports is so important for disadvantaged youth. These relationships change lives.

Bernadette DeVito

Gateway to College National Network

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