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Impressive Conference in Florida

by Russell Krumnow   •  

I was honored to speak recently at the Florida Prosperity Partnership’s 5th annual conference in Orlando. The Florida Prosperity Partnership is a dynamic member of the Opportunity Nation coalition, and we are proud to partner with and learn from these leaders as they work with a diverse set of stakeholders to increase financial stability for more Florida families. You can explore their work at:

Our friends in Florida are doing a number of innovative things to increase opportunity in their state, including:

  • Increasing access to banking for low-income families;
  • Bringing reasonably priced auto loans to families to better enable them to access and keep jobs;
  • Raising awareness of free tax preparation services;
  • Providing financial education and literacy training to individuals across the state.

Empowering residents throughout Florida to save and build assets, thereby paving the way to economic security, is often challenging work. But the Florida Prosperity Partnership brings together engaged citizens across the state along with financial institutions, non-profits, employers and higher education institutions to make a real impact.

In another example of collaboration, FPP is also a part of our wonderful partner CFED’s Assets and Opportunity Network. As the national leader on asset-building, the Corporation For Enterprise Development has provided crucial issue expertise to the Opportunity Nation campaign. We were thrilled to recently co-host a forum in May on Capitol Hill promoting the American Dream Accounts Act, aimed at promoting savings for higher education. These partnerships demonstrate our dual goals of both advocating for smart policy change in Washington while also linking arms with state-based partners like the Florida Prosperity Partnership who are doing the hard, grassroots work of helping families build wealth, connect to opportunities and obtain critical financial education and training.

Thanks to the Florida Prosperity Partnership for joining with Opportunity Nation and inviting me to share about our national work at their recent conference. We’re so impressed with the great work they are doing!

Russell Krumnow Russell Krumnow is the Managing Director of Opportunity Nation and works with more than 350 partner organizations to advance policy change and community actions that expand economic opportunity across the country. Read Russell's bio.

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