Join friends and neighbors by organizing a “Sunday Supper”

 The impact of civic participation on the quality of life in our communities cannot be overstated. Some measures of opportunity, such as education and the economy, are more readily quantifiable and have direct outcomes.

But how do you measure the far reaching impact of neighbors rallying around the preservation of a historic landmark? Or families joining together to welcome newcomers into the community? Or town hall meetings full of charitable citizens coming together to support local leadership? Or a vibrant PTO meeting that celebrates a successful fundraiser?

In these moments, the intangible goodwill of people coming together to expand opportunity is a meaningful indicator of the health of our communities.

 Given the ties we cannot escape, it follows that the more we engage with one another in constructive ways, the better future we can create together. That’s why the Opportunity Index takes into account two key indicators that measure the strength of our life together: volunteerism and group membership. We want to give a snapshot of civic participation in our communities and provide ways to expand opportunities to friends and neighbors to take action together.
The Points of Light Institute is a key Opportunity Nation partner committed to expanding civic engagement and helping “people get involved in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges.” In the lead up to MLK Day on January 16th, they are encouraging citizens and neighbors all across America to join together for a “Sunday Supper.” These suppers are a chance to share a meal and discuss how to expand opportunity and access to the American Dream.

Visit Points of Light’s website to learn how to join or organize your own Sunday Supper with friends and neighbors!


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