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by Rohit Bhargava   •  

“The whole of human experience is initiated by thought.”

With those words, Phylicia Rashad kicked off the Opportunity Nation Summit last night at the Apollo Theater and this morning we have a packed auditorium at Lerner Hall in Columbia University ready to talk about the importance of opportunity. Today we have a team of people in the “Conversation Room” above the lecture hall streaming live interviews and sharing the conversation about creating more opportunity for all Americans.  

Here are a few ways that you can participate:

1. Watch the Livestream! Throughout the day today we will be streaming content from the conference across two different channels, both from the mainstage as well as exclusve interviews from the Conversation Room. You can get the link to watch both at

2. Participate in the conversation – Throughout the livestream, you can add your comments or even ask a question that our team will share with the speaker (often in real time) so you’ll have the chance to interact with us as the event unfolds.

3. Share the content – With live blog posts, photo galleries, tweets and video streaming – there is lots of content to share throughout the day today. See the list below for some links to follow today.

Opportunity Nation Blog:

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Today is all about opportunity, and as Phylicia shared yesterday … the challenge to all of us is to make the decision to share our thoughts, passions and efforts with one another. There are plenty of stories about how that simple choice can change the world. We’ll be sharing many of them today, but more importantly, we’ll also be listening for your voice joining us on the journey.

Rohit Bhargava

SVP, Ogilvy & Professor of Global Marketing at Georgetown University

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