Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg on Opportunity in America

by Layla N. Revis   •  

“We have to stop complaining and do something to change things,” proclaimed Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. To an excited and passionate crowd of academics, policy makers, and advocates, he added, “Whether you’re running the marathon or not, please spend some money. We need it!”

Along with Bloomberg, individuals who gathered for Opportunity Nation’s Summit at Colombia University were all here to discuss possible solutions to create more opportunity in America. When talking about opportunity in his great city, Bloomberg explained that, “Artists can come here to pursue a vision. A business person can come here to compete with the best.” Addressing the fact that New York is home to our nation’s economic monuments of opportunity, he discussed celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty.

“Lady Liberty was the beacon of hope to the American Dream. Unfortunately, people are beginning to wonder if her lamp is beginning to flicker.” With unemployment ‘stubbornly high,’ Bloomberg discussed how he majority of Americans think they may be facing a bleaker future.

“How do we restore the promise for everyone?” he asked. “Learning to think like an engineer is about understanding how things work, it’s more than mathematics… If you fail to constantly innovate you’ll be left behind. Governments need to begin to think this way.”

In working to create more jobs for New Yorkers, his administration is offering discounted office space and is in talks about an Applied Science campus in New York City. He wants to bring new companies to life, but, he also pointed out, “If we don’t fix our broken immigration system, the next Google will not be made in America.”

Noting that our current issue with immigration and – our inability to reform it – is ‘national suicide, Bloomberg demanded we speak up.

“If we don’t make our voices heard… they won’t stand up and pass the kind of immigration reform that we need.”

Layla N. Revis

Vice President, Digital Strategy Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence

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