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MDC and Building Community Partnerships

by Russell Krumnow   •  

Opportunity Nation is thrilled to welcome MDC to our coalition. For nearly 50 years, MDC has been partnering with communities and organizations of all types to close the opportunity gap by removing the social, financial and educational barriers to success. After identifying leaders in the community, MDC works with them to create effective and sustainable programs for change. Check out this video to learn more about their important work, which has become a sought after model for connecting leaders across sectors to create positive change.

“What happens when leaders from all parts of a community join together to create a culture in which everyone’s success matters, and organizations and systems are designed to support, rather than impede, opportunity? In this video, representatives from cities participating in MDC’s Partners for Postsecondary Success (PPS) initiative discuss the challenges and successes of working deeply together on complex issues.

Partners for Postsecondary Success, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and led by MDC, is an effort by partnerships in Amarillo, TX; Brownsville, TX; Raleigh, NC; and affiliate site Charlotte, NC, to increase the number of low-income young adults getting postsecondary credentials that lead to living-wage work. This video is the first on MDC’s blog in a series called Where We’re Going: Places on the Road to the North Star, which explores lessons from the past three years of the initiative and looks ahead, toward the North Star goals these cities are aiming to achieve.”

MDC, a nonprofit in Durham, N.C., helps people and their communities overcome the barriers to educational and economic opportunity. To learn more about MDC or Partners for Postsecondary Success, contact Senior Program Director Bonnie Gordon at

Russell Krumnow Russell Krumnow is the Managing Director of Opportunity Nation and works with more than 350 partner organizations to advance policy change and community actions that expand economic opportunity across the country. Read Russell's bio.

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