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Opportunity Nation Welcomes REDF To Our Coalition

For over 15 years, REDF has been building an industry that creates jobs for people who are willing and able to work, but face the toughest time getting a job – like young people who’ve been in gangs, people who’ve been homeless or in jail, and people with mental health disabilities.  REDF provides funding and business expertise to help nonprofits launch and grow social enterprises, which are businesses with a ‘double bottom line’ that help people and make money.

By creating markets for products and services, and providing training and business know-how to help social enterprises run efficiently and succeed, REDF has helped thousands of people in California get jobs and find hope. Of those interviewed from 1998-2008, 77% were still employed 18-24 months after getting a social enterprise job and their average monthly income had nearly doubled. (2010 Social Impact Report, REDF)

Now REDF is working to grow their impact nationally so that hundreds of thousands more can have the opportunity to work, and contribute to their families and communities.


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