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Opportunity News: Bipartisan Support for Restoring the American Dream

Each week, Opportunity Nation shares key stories that explore opportunity-related issues in powerful, provocative ways. Many of these articles and op-eds include new data and research on key economic, educational, social and civic factors that affect upward mobility and community well-being.

As a bipartisan organization committed to working with diverse leaders, organizations and institutions, Opportunity Nation does not endorse all of the opinions or content shared here. But we strongly believe the exchange of ideas and civil dialogue are central to finding common ground and making significant, sustained progress as a society.

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Early Childhood

Growing bipartisan support in Michigan on critical importance of early literacy skills.

Higher Education

Some rethinking after early stumbles with MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses):

Opportunity Nation Higher Ed Council Member Miami-Dade College’s Honors Program is the model for this new venture to help top community college students transfer to four-year institutions:

Juvenile Justice

Find out how many youth are living in juvenile detention and correctional facilities in your state, via the Annie E. Casey’s Data Center

Opportunity Movement

Democrats and Republicans agree on at least one critical fact: we must find ways to bridge the widening opportunity divide. 

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