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The Opportunity Picture: Resources

by Opportunity Nation   •   Resources

When you’re spending more than 30 percent of your income on rent, don’t have access to savings accounts, and need to take public transportation to get to a computer, many necessities of modern life seem beyond reach.

Read about the importance of expanding these resources —affordable housing, banking institutions and assets, and Internet access—in this week’s fact sheets that explore key indicators of economic opportunity and social mobility.

Our fourth blog post in this series is from the National Community Tax Coalition about how tax credits for low-income Americans can help them save money and get ahead.

Next week, we’ll explore the last set of Opportunity Index factors – access to safe neighborhoods and healthy food.

Opportunity Nation Opportunity Nation is a bipartisan, national campaign comprised of more than 350 cross-sector organizations working together to expand economic mobility and close the opportunity gap in America. Opportunity Nation envisions the United States as a nation where everyone – regardless of where they were born – has equal access to opportunity, economic mobility, and success at all stages of life.

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