A Picture Really Is Worth a Thousand Words? and maybe $500

by Christopher Cashman   •  

We all know that getting America back to work will require new, bipartisan, and cross-sector ideas focused on job creation and skills development for all American.  These are two key goals of Opportunity Nation as we continue our work to improve economic mobility and opportunity in our country.  And we’re always on the lookout for innovative and inspiring ideas that will help elevate the importance of these issues.

Well, our friends and GOOD/Corps and General Electric have exactly this type of idea. 

They have joined together to sponsor The What Works Project, a photo contest highlighting the great people, places, and things that are helping get America back to work.

Here’s how you can participate: Take a picture of what works in your life, upload it to the site, and vote on your favorite photo of the day.  Each day, the photograph that receives the most votes will win $500.  There is no limit on the amount of pictures you can upload and you can vote as many times as you want.  The photos can be anything in your lives that is working to create opportunity – check out their website to see some ideas of what people have already posted

At the same time, by participating in the What Works Project, you’ll also be helping out Opportunity Nation.  Each week GOOD/Corps and GE will select a nonprofit organization that’s working to better our country by creating new jobs or equipping Americans with the skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow.  

Opportunity Nation – who’s working to accomplish both of these goals by developing bipartisan, collaborative ideas that enhance economic mobility and improve opportunity in America – is honored to have been chosen by GOOD/Corps and GE to serve as the inaugural nonprofit highlighted.  Between now and February 12th, Opportunity Nation will receive $1 every time you or one of your friends Like the project on Facebook, submit a photo, and/or vote on a photo.

This initiative is a great chance to highlight the work we are doing together, and to show the country the images of opportunity in our communities. So, submit a photograph.  Vote on your photo.   Tell you friends to vote for your photo and encourage them to upload their own.  

Best of luck to everyone who participates and thank you for your continued support of Opportunity Nation.

Christopher Cashman

Director of Communications, Opportunity Nation

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