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How does your county rank?

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According to Opportunity Nation’s “Opportunity Index,” a blended measure of economic, educational, and community indices related to youth welfare, North Carolina ranks just 35th among the states and not one of our 100 counties earns an “A” grade. Take a look to see how your county ranks in a variety of different measures.

Of particular importance is youth opportunity and well-being. Produced by Opportunity Nation, a bipartisan, national coalition of more than 300 businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, and community leaders, a recent report makes the case that “connected” youth, those who volunteer or participate in a civic or social organization, are far more likely to be connected with work and schooling and to benefit by translating new skills and social capital into better job opportunities. The report can be read here.

As part of the Institute of Emerging Issue’s wider effort to encourage more civic engagement in the state, it is launching “Summer in the Commons” – an initiative that aims to bring at least 1,000 young persons ages 8-20 to the Emerging Issues Commons for facilitated engagement activities this summer. Please let IEI know if you have a student group that would like to be involved via an in-person visit to Hunt Library or a facilitated online event. You’ll find full details here.

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