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How opportunity measures up in our community

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Meet John and Jane. John and Jane were born in two towns of similar size with the same unemployment rate. But that’s where the similarities stop. John grew up in a town with a higher household median income, more affordable housing and lower poverty rate, resulting in better opportunities for John to succeed in life. We can’t change the circumstance of John and Jane’s lives, and their talents and ambitions play a role in how far they will go in life. But looking at the right measurements and comprehensive information in our community, we can begin to understand the progress needed to boost economic mobility for American.

Opportunity Nation, a bipartisan, national coalition of more than 350 businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions and community leaders, recently released data from its 2015 Opportunity Index. This tool provides a snapshot of the economic and civic opportunities that are available to Americans at the state and county level.

Curious about how opportunity measures up in our state and county? Visit the Index to explore this year’s new data.

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