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RI trails every state east of Ohio, WV, NC in economic opportunity

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Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut topped this year’s Opportunity Index, an annual ranking of the states that have the best and worst “social mobility and economic security.” New Mexico, Nevada and Mississippi rounded out the bottom of the list.

Rhode Island fell squarely in the middle of the nation at 25.

But the Ocean State trailed far behind its New England neighbors – all of whom were in the top ten except for Maine which was 15th. And while Rhode Island scored better in most metrics this year compared to last, it was the lowest ranking state east of Ohio, West Virginia and North Carolina.

“At the core of America is a shared belief that no matter how humble your origins, with hard work and perseverance, you can improve your prospects in life and give your children a shot at a secure and productive future,” according to the Opportunity Index’s website. “For generations, Americans lived this dream. Millions were able to lift themselves out of poverty and climb the ladder of social mobility and economic security. But today, our American Dream is at risk. Too often it’s your zip code that predetermines your destiny.”

The Providence Journal also reported in the survey.

Below are screen shots of the metrics used to determine each state’s score, and how Rhode Island compares to the other 49 states and the District of Columbia.

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