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Russell Krumnow quoted in CQ Researcher Report, Millennial Generation

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Opportunity Nation Managing Director Russell Krumnow was quoted in a report titled “Millennial Generation” by Alan Greenblatt. The report, which is featured on CQ Researcher, talks about the role millennials will play in shaping the future despite the hardships they’ve encountered, such as burdensome student debt and entering the job marketing during the Great Recession. Krumnow was quoted regarding youth unemployment and millennial leadership:

The nation’s 75 million Millennials — those 18 to 34 years old — are the largest generation in the United States. More Millennials are in the workforce than any other age group. Next year, they will cast as many votes as Baby Boomers, and in subsequent elections they will reign as the largest generational voting bloc. Millennials also are the most diverse generation in American history: More than 40 percent of them are nonwhite, a huge change from the 1950s, when the United States was nearly 90 percent white.

But a weak job market, high levels of student debt and the 2007–09 recession slowed Millennials’ launch into successful adulthood, causing many to delay getting married, starting families and purchasing a home. The generation’s fortunes are beginning to pick up, however, leading to questions about whether Millennials will reshape the country in their own image — or will end up living much like older generations have in auto-dominated suburbs.

Taken from the introduction page of “Millennial Report” on CQ Researcher.

Krumnow’s quotes are as follows:

“We have too many young people who are unemployed or tenuously connected to work,” says Russell Krumnow, managing director of Opportunity Nation, a research and advocacy group based in Boston that focuses on economic mobility. “You could make a case that maybe they will have a harder time making it than their parents.” (pg. 568)

Many companies are already trying to attract Millennials by finding ways to appeal to their desire for a broader purpose, such as building volunteer days into work schedules, says Krumnow of Opportunity Nation. “As Millennials move into leadership, we’ll see more things like that, changing how work is structured and how places of employment engage with the community,” he says. (pg. 571)

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