A Presidential Plan to Expand Opportunity

Opportunity Nation calls on all 2016 Presidential candidates to make clear their specific plans to restore access to the American Dream for one of our most valuable assets: our youth. These priorities reflect our vision of how we become a true opportunity nation.

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Place, race and segregation in America

A new report from Measure of America, Zeroing In on Place and Race: Youth Disconnection in America’s Cities, explores the impact of geography and race on young adults. The report provides fresh insight on youth who are most at risk for disconnection in America’s largest cities.

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Iowa Opportunity Forum

The Iowa Opportunity Forum, co-hosted by Opportunity Nation and Des Moines Area Community College, will engage presidential candidates to hear their ideas on expanding opportunity for all Americans, particularly building critical education and careers pathways for young adults.

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We Got This: A Call to Action for Youth Employment

Every one of us can work together and take concrete steps to ensure young Americans are thriving in their jobs, schools and communities. Generated by the priorities of our diverse, cross-sector coalition and an extensive listening tour with key partners, Opportunity Nation is releasing our plan to tackle the U.S. youth employment crisis: We Got This.

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At the core of our nation is the belief that with hard work and perseverance, you can get ahead. But today, often it’s your zip code that determines your destiny. Our mission is to ensure that all Americans – regardless of where they were born – have the opportunity to thrive.

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The Opportunity Index

See the Index in Action

Where you live shouldn’t determine how far you can go in life. The Opportunity Index is the nation’s first – and only – tool to holistically measure opportunity. Connecting multiple economic, educational, and civic factors, the Index is a powerful way for communities to track and advance opportunity.

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Opportunity Score

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What does your Opportunity Score mean?

The Opportunity Index provides a rating for the level of opportunity in each state, based on the measurement of various economic, academic, and civic factors on a scale of 100. The highest 2015 Opportunity Score in America is 66.0, while the lowest is 43.8.

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