Our Solution

Today, the American Dream is out of reach for far too many. We believe that to address this crisis, it will take all of us: public, private and nonprofit sectors; Democrat and Republican; urban, suburban and rural residents; all working together to ensure our young people and future generations have an equal chance to succeed.

Explore our campaign principles below and view the Opportunity Nation call to action, our cross-sector guide to providing our nation’s young adults a path to achieve the American Dream.

  • Measure Opportunity

    The Opportunity Index measures economic, educational and civic factors that foster economic mobility at both the county and state levels. It is designed to identify concrete solutions to lagging conditions for opportunity. 

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  • Advance Legislation

    Though the current political environment is painfully partisan, we promote and advance common-sense, bipartisan approaches to increase access to education, tackle the skills gap and expand opportunity for young adults.

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  • Convene Cross-Sector Groups

    To promote change on a sweeping scale, public, private and nonprofit sectors must collaborate. We convene diverse groups through the Opportunity Summit, Opportunity Index briefings and other events across the country. 

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