Legislative Priorities

Opportunity Nation believes the most direct and powerful way to ensure that young Americans secure a foothold on the ladder to opportunity is to help them succeed in high school and receive some form of post-secondary training or education that prepares them for 21st century jobs.

Bipartisan legislation can spur cross-sector partnerships to get our young adults on the right path to success.

Opportunity Nation’s cross-sector principles are outlined in our call to action, “We Got This: Youth Employment”.

Opportunity Nation’s current legislative priorities:

  • The Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    While ESEA has been waiting for an overhaul, millions of teens and young adults have struggled in school, dropped out, or failed to transition to meaningful education and career pathways.

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  • The Career & Technical Education Act

    The Career and Technical Education Act is woefully outdated. Our coalition advocates the reauthorization of this critical program that sends $1 billion a year to states.

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  • The American Dream Accounts Act

    We support efforts to improve college guidance in “high-need” school districts and efforts to support low-income students’ access to college savings products, tools and incentives so students can make investments in their educational future.

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  • The REDEEM Act

    Opportunity Nation supports the bipartisan Record Expungement Designed to Enhance Employment Act that would allow juveniles charged with nonviolent crimes to expunge their criminal records.

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