‘Restoring the American Dream’ Series


The very promise on which America was founded – equal opportunity for all – is out of reach for too many. Building on our work at the 2016 National Opportunity Summit in September, Opportunity Nation has embarked on a series of events on Restoring the American Dream, highlighting the six Opportunity Millennium Goals laid out in the Our Opportunity Nation plan, which was signed by more than 135 members of the Opportunity Nation Coalition. Together we unite to promote bipartisan, innovative and evidence-based strategies to reinvigorate the American Dream and restore the country’s promise of opportunity for all.

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Check out the recap of our most recent event at Ballou High School, “What One High School’s Success Can Teach Us About Engaging Students.

(L to R) Tatiana Robinson, Rising Sophomore, Ballou High School; Trayon White, Sr., Washington, DC Ward 8 Councilmember; Shamele Straughter, Assistant Principal, Ballou High School; Sharona Robinson, Ballou High School Alumna & Parent










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