Opportunity Nation brings together leaders and representatives from nonprofits, businesses, higher education and government institutions from across the nation to address issues related to economic and social mobility. These bipartisan, cross-sector convenings elevate solutions and catalyze actions for expanding access to the American Dream.

National Opportunity Summits

The National Opportunity Summit is a unique bipartisan event that brings together leaders and representatives from all sectors and both sides of the aisle to address the urgent need to expand opportunity to more Americans. These Summits are more than a moment in time. They help to fuel a national movement, build transformative relationships and accelerate collective efforts increase access to the American Dream. Watch videos from the 2016 Opportunity Summit on our YouTube channel.

Data Launch Events & Webinars

Research on economic mobility in America is critically important to advancing the conversation on opportunity. Opportunity Nation hosts smaller convenings across the country and participates in webinars to dig deep into the latest data from the Opportunity Index and discuss latest trends on civic engagement, youth disconnection and cross-sector solutions.

Restoring the American Dream Series

The very promise on which America was founded – equal opportunity for all – is out of reach for too many. Building on our work at the 2016 National Opportunity Summit, Opportunity Nation has embarked on a series of events on Restoring the American Dream, highlighting the six Opportunity Millennium Goals laid out in the Our Opportunity Nation plan, which was signed by more than 135 members of the Opportunity Nation Coalition. Together we promote bipartisan, innovative and evidence-based strategies to reinvigorate the American Dream and restore the country’s promise of opportunity for all.

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