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House Passes WIA reauthorization, Includes Pay-for-Performance Amendment

by Jennifer Jordan   •  

On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a Republican-sponsored bill to reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act, called the Supporting Knowledge and Investing in Lifelong Skills Act. It passed with a vote of 215-202 and now heads to the Democratic-majority Senate.

Opportunity Nation is happy to see the inclusion of an amendment we supported that was offered by Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks (R-IN) that provides a greater focus on pay-for-performance.

As you may know, Opportunity Nation supports pay-for-performance models in which providers of services receive federal funding after they have shown results for the people they serve, an approach that has received bi-partisan support.

“While we see areas where the SKILLS Act can be improved and know there is still much more work to do with the parties and both chambers of Congress,” said Opportunity Nation’s legislative director, Melanie Anderson, “we are pleased to see Congress turn the conversation to an issue that is a core tenet of our Shared Plan. We will continue to push for productive conversations about how to best reauthorize WIA as action moves to the Senate.”

Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer D. Jordan is Opportunity Nation’s Senior Writer. She shares the campaign’s mission and accomplishments and those of its coalition with diverse audiences, seeking to heighten awareness about expanding economic mobility to more Americans. Read Jennifer's bio.

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