A New Jobs Website to Help Today’s Youth Access Opportunity

by Mark Edwards   •  

Right now, more than half of all young adults are out of work – the largest percentage since World War II.  This disturbing trend not only risks robbing today’s youth of their full potential, but also, if left unaddressed, could cause society to lose valuable contributions from an entire generation of Americans.
Our Opportunity Index reveals that one of the most important factors in determining an area’s opportunity score is the engagement of the youth living there.  
Simply put: we cannot let a generation of Americans slip through the cracks.  There’s a wealth of potential among our young adults and we need new ideas to harness their talents.

That’s why, this week, – in partnership with Gap, Inc. – we launched a new interactive jobs website that provides businesses of all shapes and sizes with the resources they need to leverage the potential of today’s opportunity youth. 

The toolkit was created with the support of our coalition partner Corporate Voices for Working Families, as well as McKinsey & Company and the Taproot Foundation. It supports the work of the White House Council for Community Solutions.

This online resource provides step-by-step instructions for businesses on how to create new employment and learning opportunities for today’s youth, an early and pivotal step on the ladder of economic opportunity.  

Over the next few months, our campaign will continue to tackle many of the barriers to opportunity in our country. Ensuring that today’s youth have access to these employment and educational opportunities will remain a constant focus.
In addition to the launch of the new Youth and Business Microsite, we recently gave a facelift to the Opportunity Nation website that makes it easier to find out what we’re up to and how you can engage in our campaign.  
Lots more to come from us.  Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our campaign!

Want to know your hometown’s Opportunity Score?  Visit the Opportunity Index to find out.

Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards is the founder and co-chair of Opportunity Nation. Read Mark's bio.

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