An Opportunity for College Affordability

by Shayla Price   •  

College is expensive, and especially during this tough economy, many students are struggling just to make ends meet. The rising cost of education is leaving many high school students worried and feeling that a bachelor’s degree may be out of their reach.

As an Opportunity Leader, I am dedicated to promoting the vision of the American Dream. For the past six years, I have taught college-bound students the proactive approach to fund their education—searching for scholarships. Billions of dollars are available for students seeking to earn their college degree. As a scholarship recipient of more than $100,000, I received a bachelor’s and law degree for free, graduating with no student loan debt.

This past Saturday, I had the honor of being the opening keynote speaker for Scholarship Awareness Day at Triumph Church in Detroit. Led by Glinda Bridgforth, financial expert and leader of the church’s Financial Empowerment Ministry, Scholarship Awareness Day is an event for students and parents to gain valuable knowledge about college admissions and financial aid.

My presentation showed attendees how to navigate the scholarship process. From writing essays to asking for recommendation letters, participants learned the importance of creating a compelling and competitive scholarship application. In addition, students received organizational tools, such as activity and deadline charts, and actual scholarships to apply for immediately.  

Despite students’ financial barriers, opportunity for college affordability does exist. Whether it’s the President’s proposed policies or private scholarships, high school students should remain hopeful and take initiative to fund their education.

Shayla Price is an advocate for college affordability and an attorney.

Shayla Price

Attorney and Opportunity Leader

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