Opportunity Nation Burns up the Iowa Airways

by Chris Cashman   •  

Opportunity Nation is extraordinarily grateful to count the Des Moines Area Community College and, in particular, their President Rob Denson, as a partner. President Denson has been a decades-long leader, believer, practitioner and advocate of today’s youth with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.  He was an early supporter of our campaign and continues to be passionately involved to this day, both as part of our Leadership Council and as part of DMACC’s role on our Higher Education Council.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to receive an email from Rob at 3:30am that begins with “I just had an idea…”

Quite simply: Rob Denson makes things happen.

Here’s an example. Last week Mark Edwards, executive director of Opportunity Nation, sat down with TJ Hart, host of the morning show on 98.3 WOW-FM out of Iowa (a Cumulus Radio Station) to discuss what the American Dream looks like today. Mark and TJ discussed the state of economic and social mobility in the country and how concerned citizens can take action to help rebuild the ladder of opportunity in America. Even more exciting, TJ shared with WOW-FM listeners parts of his own inspirational story of opportunity.

But what made this segment so impressive is that it was just one part of a four part series on opportunity that Rob helped make happen.

Earlier segments featured Rob and Barry Griswell – CEO, Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines and another Iowa champion for Opportunity Nation – discussing the local actions afoot to ensure that all Iowans have the ability to climb the economic ladder of success.

We owe a special thanks to Rob, to Barry, and to TJ Hart and the entire WOW-FM family for making this four part series happen.

The series will soon conclude with a special celebrity guest closing out the fourth and final segment. Who will it be? You’ll have to listen to the WOW-FM morning show with TJ Hart to find out.

In the meantime, take a listen to Mark and TJ’s discussion above.

Chris Cashman

Communications Director, Opportunity Nation

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