Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado Speaks at Opportunity Summit

by Layla N. Revis   •  

His family survived the Holocaust in Poland, but Senator Michael Bennet recognizes that we, too, face our own contemporary crisis in America. However, all hope is certainly not lost. Noting his work in Denver, Time magazine listed him this year among the nation’s eleven leading educational activists in 2011.

Warming the crowd with his intellect and charm, Sen. Bennet used the recent Procter and Gamble marketing model to reflect the current American crisis.

“Procter and Gamble, producer of some of our most iconic brands and focused on our middle class, is having to re-define their business model to focus on the very wealthiest and the very poorest… if there was ever a canary in the coalmine, it’s P&G’s new business model.”

Noting that the new Census Data shows the US Medium income has fallen and GDP has decoupled from wage growth, Senator Michael Bennet points out that we’ve been facing two decades of economic stagnation.

With people ‘increasingly disdainful of politics’, some of his solutions include a ‘commitment to basic science; and ‘reforming and strengthening public education.’ As he so shockingly pointed out, “Today, if you’re a child living in poverty, your chances of getting a higher education are only 9 in 100.”

What are some of your solutions for Senator Bennet to help improving opportunity in America?


Layla N. Revis

Vice President, Digital Strategy Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence

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