Speak Out: Ask Presidental Candidates about Opportunity in CNN Debate

by Elizabeth Clay Roy   •  

Is the media asking Presidential candidates the questions you want to hear?

Our campaign is committed to focusing the national dialogue on economic mobility in America.  Next Wednesday, February 22nd is the perfect opportunity to do that, when CNN hosts the next Republican presidential primary debate in Arizona.  Debates should be a chance for all Americans to reflect upon the issues that are most important to us, and we want your help in making sure our candidates speak about one of our most critical challenges — restoring the American Dream.

Become a part of this debate by submitting a question to CNN via their online form or posting to Twitter with #CNNDebate (please also use #opportunity if you’re using Twitter!).  Below are a few sample questions, however please share your personal perspective and opinions in your questions.

Sample Questions

“Research shows that it is harder for someone who is from a low-income family in America to move up the economic ladder than in many other countries; that isn’t the America I thought we would leave our children. How will you restore economic #opportunity in America?”

“Each candidate has talked about promoting #opportunity, can each of you talk about three specific actions that you would take as President to so each American could reach his or her potential?”

“I am in my twenties, studied hard, got a degree, made responsible choices and still struggle at the end of every month to make ends meet with part-time work. What steps will you take to restore #opportunity in America?”

“I am a teacher and see the benefits of early childhood education everyday.  But not all families have access to this.  How will you increase access to #opportunity for all Americans?”


Make sure the media and candidates know that you care about economic opportunity – we need your voice more now than ever! 
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Elizabeth Clay Roy

Deputy Director, Opportunity Nation

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