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Trailblazing Coalition Partner Spurs Transformation in San Diego Neighborhood

Opportunity Nation’s coalition partners build and repair ladders of opportunity every day across the country. As we’ve learned from the Opportunity Index and our own lived experiences in all types of communities, place matters. Opportunities vary widely across counties, zip codes and neighborhoods. A trail-blazing partner in our coalition, the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, has sparked a transformation of a neighborhood in San Diego and we hope you will explore their work.

The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (JCNI) and Jacobs Family Foundation (JFF) are partnering with resident teams in southeastern San Diego to transform 60 acres of blight into The Village at Market Creek, a LEED-certified neighborhood and vibrant cultural destination. Through a network of nonprofit and for-profit partners, locally-owned businesses and national tenants, a community and conference center, and a portfolio of social enterprise projects, JCNI and JFF are creating assets that will be transferred to community ownership when the foundation sunsets in 2030. Under the banner of “Resident Ownership of Neighborhood Change,” the people who live and work in the community create the vision, lead the implementation, and will own the assets related to this work.

To learn more about Place-Based Philanthropy like the work the Jacobs Center is leading, check out this paper here
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