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Opportunity Nation Partners with Sister Campaign to Honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

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January 9, 2012


Christopher Cashman, 212-804-6370


Campaigns pledge to highlight 16 ways people can serve in their communities to improve economic opportunity

In honor of the 2012 Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, Opportunity Nation ( and ServiceNation ( have joined together to highlight ways to increase economic opportunity in America through service. Dr. King worked for increased opportunity for all Americans. Now, more than ever, we need to work to create and support opportunities for Americans to strengthen economic security.

Between New Years Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the campaigns will share concrete strategies that show that each of us can help expand access to opportunity in our communities by volunteering just a small portion of our time. The strategies will align with the recently released Opportunity Index (, a new tool measuring opportunity in every state and nearly every county in the nation.

“Dr. King demonstrated to all of us the collective impact that small actions can have, both on a community as well as an entire nation. At Be The Change, we couldn’t think of a better way to honor Dr. King’s legacy than by uniting the passions of our two campaigns – Opportunity Nation and Service Nation,” said Kevin Jennings, CEO of Be The Change, the parent organization behind the two campaigns. “By leveraging the power that today’s technology offers, our campaigns will be promoting unique ways that individuals can improve economic opportunities through service in their communities.”

In addition to recommending strategies, the campaigns will be urging all Americans to share their story of service through Facebook and Twitter. The most compelling stories will be compiled and shared on the ServiceNation and Opportunity Nation websites as modern, inspirational examples showing that the virtues Dr. King spoke about decades ago can still impact our world today.

For more information, we invite you to visit


ServiceNation is a national campaign to increase service opportunities and elevate service as a core ideal and problem solving strategy in America. Reaching an estimated 100 million citizen

through its 285 coalition members, ServiceNation played a leading role in drafting and enacting the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, which authorized the greatest expansion of national service in a generation. The ServiceNation coalition is working to inspire a powerful culture of volunteerism in our country and envisions an America in which a commonly asked questions is ‘Where do you serve?’ For more information, visit and check us out on Twitter @ServiceNation and on Facebook at ServiceNation.

Opportunity Nation is a campaign to promote opportunity, social mobility, and access to the American Dream. The campaign has built a broad coalition of nearly 200 businesses, non- profits, corporate partners, faith-based organizations, educational institutions, and military groups to help create and advocate for a shared, cross-partisan plan that will provide better skills, more quality jobs, and healthier communities to all Americans. For more information please visit and check us out on Twitter @oppnation and on Facebook at OpportunityNation.


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