Retail Pathways Blog Series Roundup

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In response to the report we released in September, “Retail’s Opportunity: Exploring the Industry’s Impact on People and Places,” with the generous support of the Walmart Foundation, retail workers expressed that the evidence in our report backs up their lived retail experiences. They also suggested we continue to collect stories and share data about people in retail careers, and elevate how gained skills can be useful in other industries and in life in general.

Our Retail Pathways blog series in November shared five stories about how the retail industry proved to be a great stepping stone on the pathway to success. Here is a roundup of those blog posts:

Because the retail industry sits in an unrivaled position of influence to expand economic opportunity for millions of American workers, we hope to release a second edition with additional research and indicators. We also want to continue to share stories — if you worked in retail and it had an impact on your career and you’d like to share your story, we’d love to hear about it!

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