A roundup of recent reports from our Coalition

Here are seven recent reports from Opportunity Nation Coalition members that might be of interest:

Hispanic Heritage Foundation (in partnership with My College Options®) released a national survey of 50,000 high school students – including first-time voters – broken down by ethnicity, gender, race and priorities. “It’s also an important message that youth can’t be taken for granted as to how they lean politically by either side of the aisle.”

LIFT published a new report that outlines LIFT’s top 10 lessons for designing and implementing a member feedback survey. The report is based on LIFT’s three years of systematically rolling out an intentional way to capture the reactions and responses of the people who they serve.

CFED Expanding Economic Opportunity’s Administrative Actions to Close the Ever-Growing Gap describes seven administrative policy proposals that would help solve the problems of financial insecurity, wealth inequality and the growing racial wealth divide.

Roosevelt Institute network’s crowdsourced vision for change, The Next Generation Blueprint for 2016, is based on a survey of 1,000 young people on 160 campuses around the country, laying out an aggressive policy agenda for legislators to tackle in three key areas: education, the economy and human rights.

Community Service Society of New York’s report, “Policies Matter: Hardships Decline for Low-Income New Yorkers in 2016,” shows evidence of a significant drop in hardships among low-income New Yorkers in the year that just ended.

Jobs for the Future presents the Trump Administration with a blueprint for how federal policies can encourage state and regional efforts to provide all youth and adults, especially those who are struggling or who reside in distressed communities, with essential skills and credentials.

New Polling from The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy underscores the continued deep and wide support for birth control.

Are you an Opportunity Nation Coalition member? Want to see your report in a roundup like this? Simply let us know!

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