Career & Technical Education Act


The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act provides over $1 billion each year to secondary and postsecondary institutions in all 50 states to support career and technical education. The bill was last reauthorized by Congress in 2006 and is in need of reauthorization.  

The global economy demands that more employees have some postsecondary degree or industry-recognized credential. Yet, the current silos of secondary and postsecondary education systems – and the funding streams that perpetuate their separation – are not preparing enough students to meet the demand for these middle- and high-skilled jobs. Career and technical education can provide students with opportunities for career awareness and preparation by providing them with the academic and technical skills needed to succeed in postsecondary education, training and employment.

Opportunity Nation joined more than 200 business and organizations demanding that Congress reauthorize the Perkins Career and Technical Education Act. Read the letter here.

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