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04.17.2014 blog

Opportunity News: Apprenticeships, Skills Gap, Community Colleges

Opportunity Nation shares key stories that explore opportunity-related issues in powerful, provocative ways. This week's stories on the power of apprenticeships, how Siemens tackles the skills gap, and a dirty secret about community colleges. 

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04.16.2014 blog

Should The U.S. Promote Apprenticeships? (YES.)

More and more states, as well as the federal government, are realizing just how important high-quality CTE and apprenticeships are to help young Americans get good jobs in growing industries and strengthen the economy.

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04.15.2014 blog

Apprenticeships. A Great Idea Whose Time Has Come.

Finally, more attention is being paid to a powerful path to the middle class that is often overlooked in the United States: apprenticeships. If we are going to fill the estimated five million new “middle skill” jobs that will require some post-secondary training or credential, but not a four-year degree, by 2020, our country has to make high quality career and technical education programs and apprenticeships a priority.

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04.09.2014 blog

Youth CareerConnect Grant Recipients Announced

Opportunity Nation enthusiastically supported these grants when they were first announced last fall. We are thrilled to learn more about the districts that will be on the front lines of these innovative partnerships.

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04.08.2014 blog

CTE News: The Perkins Modernization Act of 2014

Opportunity Nation is thrilled that a new bipartisan bill designed to improve Career and Technical Education (CTE) was introduced yesterday by Congressmen Joseph P. Kennedy (D-MA), Jared Polis (D-CO), Rodney Davis (R-IL) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL).

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04.03.2014 blog

Opportunity News: The Power of Apprenticeships and Contemplating the Zombie Skills Gap

Opportunity Nation shares key stories that explore opportunity-related issues in powerful, provocative ways. This week's stories on why the United States should integrate apprenticeships into the education system, and responding to Paul Krugmans zombie skills gap article. 

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04.01.2014 blog

Changing the Odds For Community College Students

One Million Degrees (OMD) is a student support organization which provides academic, professional, personal, and financial assistance to low-income, highly motivated, Chicago-area community college students.

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03.29.2014 news

Ranking: States Where You Have The Best And Worst Chance Of Achieving The American Dream

A Massachusetts group named Opportunity Nation says it has come up with a way to measure which states provide greatest access to the American Dream. The Opportunity Index takes 16 economic indicators—among them traditional measures like the unemployment rate and nontraditional ones like the percentage of adults who volunteer—and mashes them together to create an opportunity score for each state.

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03.24.2014 blog

Welcome Strong Women, Strong Girls to our Coalition

Opportunity Nation welcomes Strong Women, Strong Girls to the Coalition. SWSG is a nonprofit organization building communities of women committed to supporting positive social change.

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03.24.2014 blog

Reflections on SXSW

I was beyond honored to attend SXSW Interactive as one of five Interactive Scholarship winners this past month.

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