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The Achievement Gap: by the Numbers

Washington Post   •  
There are few things education researchers say they know with certainty. But virtually nobody disputes that socioeconomic status and the educational level of parents, especially mothers, are linked to the stubborn achievement gap between students of different races and ethnicities.

Economic Distress Does a Number on Children

USA Today   •  
The well-being of American children looks to be a mixed bag, with gains in academic achievement and health offset by growing economic distress, a new study finds. The percentage of children living in poverty in the U.S. is on the rise.

Rich-People Problems? The Summer of Elite Discontent

TIME   •  
The real problem today isn’t that things are stressful for the most affluent and credentialed 20% or 10% or 1%; it’s that for the rest of the country social mobility has all but disappeared. Meritocracy may be a grind, but for those outside the upper-middle class, it’s simply ground to a halt.

Moving on up: Can the American Dream Still Become a Reality Today?

Deseret News   •  
At the heart of the American Dream is equal opportunity for children — wherever they are born and in whatever condition — to rise above their situation. The factors affecting that opportunity are varied and complex. Opportunity Nation identified three major categories of these factors: economics, education and community.

Former White House Policy Advisors Join Opportunity Nation

Opportunity Nation   •  
Proving that bipartisanship is still alive and well, Opportunity Nation announced today that former Director of the Obama Administration’s Domestic Policy Council, Melody Barnes will join John Bridgeland, former Director of Domestic Policy for President George W. Bush as members of the Opportunity Nation Leadership Council.

Op-ed: Closing America’s Opportunity Gap

Politico   •  
Important ideological differences divide Republicans and Democrats on many issues, but there is one tenet of American life that should prompt bipartisan action: ensuring that all people — regardless of class, race, ethnicity, gender or ZIP code — have opportunities to rise as far as talent and hard work can take them.

CEO Kevin Jennings Asks “What’s an Education Really Worth?”

The Huffington Post   •  
Plain and simple, we're not graduating enough young people from high school and college in the United States. Barely two-thirds of today's high school students will graduate on time. With the average high school dropout's annual earnings being only about 40 percent of those of a college graduate, this failure has profound consequences for the rest of one's entire life.

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