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Reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Melanie Anderson   •  
The Elementary and Secondary Schools Act has been waiting for an overhaul for years due to gridlock and bickering. Meanwhile, millions of teens and young adults are struggling in school, dropping out, or failing to transition to meaningful education and career pathways.

Horowitz: Doing Good Creates Opportunities to Do Well

GoLocalProv   •  
A recent report by the organization Opportunity Nation argues that beyond the intrinsic value of connecting a new generation to the rights and responsibilities of self-government, youth engagement in activities and public affairs provides more opportunity and boosts the prospect of success.

The American Dream Starts in Your County

The Boston Globe   •  
AMERICA FANCIES itself the “land of opportunity,” one of the key ways we define ourselves as a nation. Politicians of all stripes like to wax poetic about how their parents came to US shores with next to nothing, and now look — their kid might soon be running the country! Usually these heartwarming tales conclude with the line: “Only in America.” Anecdotes notwithstanding, however, how good are we really at giving everyone a chance to be a success?

Opportunity to Serve

Jacob Miller   •  
Opportunity does not always knock on the South Coast of Massachusetts. An opportunity leader shares his story.

OPINION: Volunteer

Star-Herald   •  
Volunteering can boost a young person’s chance of landing a job, cutting the likelihood of being out of school and out of a job in half.

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