Is The American Dream Still Attainable?

Forbes   •  
Young people in the U.S. are entering the workforce at a time when good jobs are hard to find and career advancement is a constant struggle. Around 60%...

Snapchat #OppStories: Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller   •  
Follow me as I tour through our nation's capital! I am working for Opportunity Nation during my Harry S. Truman scholarship Summer Institute. The Truman Scholarship is a...

Less Opportunity, More Support   •  
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may not appear to have a lot in common. But, by at least one measure, they do: voters with a lack of opportunity.

Your perfect summer job is out there, but you have to act now   •  
A summer job is not just a paycheck. It’s about learning how to work with other people, being a professional, problem solving, customer service, all of those really important power skills that come into play later in life. We see summer job opportunities as a bridge to careers.

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